Specific Helical In-Line Gear motors & Units

If you are looking for the perfect helical gear motor then Everest Electrical Mech. Equip. Tr. LLC is the right place for you. The A-Series gear motor is highly efficient, reliable and also involves a low maintenance cost and wide torque range. Furthermore, the right-angle layout between the INPUT & OUTPUT aids in making the A-Series highly compact. It is also very interesting to note here that Asynchronous motors both IEC and compact (BN-BE-BX/M-ME-MX), servomotors (BMD), and reluctance motors (BSR) can be coupled with the A-Series.


Key benefits

There are multiple benefits of buying from the leading electric motors suppliers in UAE. We have mentioned a few important benefits such as:
– Firstly, the bevel helical gear motor comes with a minimized mounting space
– Secondly, it carries ATEX gearbox for explosive environments 2G/2D
– Thirdly, the motor comes with a wide output speed selection range due to which the product witnesses a reduced standard backlash
– Lastly, the motor is highly dynamic and energy saving because the bevel helical gear motor offers a wide output speed selection range. Thus, ensuring the smooth functioning of the machinery. 


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