Single- Phase Electric Motor

bonfiglioli single phase motor
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Everest Electrical and Mechanical is the leading single-phase motor supplier in Dubai. So, next time, whenever you are looking for a three-phase asynchronous motor, you know where to go to. Along with the latest design and quality, the motor is also conformed to the IEC Standards and specifications.

The motor brings out a very stable performance. This, in turn, makes it a safe and reliable operation.
Even though the motor has good appearances, it can yet be maintained every easily.

Furthermore, the motor makes very little noise and even lesser vibration.
Another key point is the lightweight of the motor and simple construction.
What’s more? The motor can also be used for general drive| 9.2fff

IEC Series
IE1 & IE2 &3

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Everest Electrical & Mech Equip Tr LLC is one of the leading companies that specializes in machinery equipment trading. In order to cater to the mechanical industry, their head office is located at Sharjah. Consequently, it has been providing support and services to all major industries. Along with the industries, it has also been serving the prime contractor and traders in the UAE region.

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