Everest Electrical and Mechanical is a pioneer distributor of ABB AC/ DC Motor. Needless to say that ABB is a recognized name in the power and automation industry. It focuses on maximizing utility and improving the performance of the motor supplies. At the same time, this mechanism also ensures that the environmental impact is minimal.
ABB operates its business with various divisions namely: Discrete Automation, Power Products, Power Systems, Low Voltage Products and Process Automation. ABB products are specifically designed to save energy, enhance productivity and generate energy at low cost.
At Everest, we maintain a strong portfolio of ABB products to assure that our customers’ demands are fulfilled. We serve products that are coupled with an array of services and can be used efficiently by the highly skilled experts of the industry. 

Our products are designed to cater to the industry experts who are looking for high quality and efficiency. We deliver to top-notch industry tycoons and we never compromise on customer service and quality.
We never compromise on quality so; we recommend ABB AC/ DC Motor and products to most of our clients who are looking for quick energy saving solutions for their industrial projects. We are a leading distributor of ABB AC/ DC motors in UAE market and we take pride in our products.